Who is behind Siliclass?

Also our family includes 2 cats and about 67 fish (numbers of fish can vary...)

The whole idea of our first and original glasses started from the craziness. Being just between changing nappies, feeding, pampering, comforting baby Ella is amazing but also mind challenging. I (Petra) felt just like I don’t need to use my brain anymore. My husband was getting crazy from me an I can’t blame him. Even I was becoming crazy from myself. As an amazing and caring partner, he came home one day with a solution: Let s start doing something over the internet. Like this, you can stay home with Ella but also you can occupy your mind.

But there were many questions like what to do and where…

Since Ilan and I started dating, we always enjoyed having a glass of wine in the evening. But with a crawling toddler in the house, you are always taking extra care of glass, especially glasses that are fragile… And that was the moment when it all came together.

We bought some glasses made out of silicone before and couldn’t find Silicone wine stem glasses. Knowing that there are a lot of products out there, we decided to create the product ourselves but this was a challenge… The first attempts to manufacture the product got us into unstable glasses, we invested a lot of time and efforts to build the prototype that will work. After several try-outs, we got to a beautiful fine stable standing glass and we were so happy.

We were looking for a factory that will create it for us and this was also a challenge. We wanted to create a safe no-chemical material glasses that will be made from FDA approved silicone materials. We manage to find as well a great factory for manufacturing and here we are… Ready to deliver beautiful and colorful silicone wine stem glasses to your doorstep.

Since we created Siliclass and got many sales, we started developing new classy products, stay tuned for the next big things… 😊

We truly hope you’ll love our products and will be so grateful if you can recommend it on Facebook or sent us a thank you note that we will publish on our website.

Yours Sincerely,

Petra, Ilan, and Ella!

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