What is Siliclass?

What is Siliclass?

Siliclass brand is all about Classic and high-quality Silicone products.

There are a lot of Kitchenware products out there. We are here to bring innovation that will open new uses and possibilities.

We are looking for new ideas, ways to improve and make products better and to solve various issues we all have in the kitchen. At the moment, we develop the next product that will surprise you…

The story of the silicone wine glasses

The glasses were born after we noticed there are no silicone wine glasses standing proudly on a leg. There are many stemless wine glasses and after experience with them, we were wondering why there are no wine glasses with a leg made out of silicone. This is when the silicone wine glasses was born.

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The use of Silicone

We love silicone products and use them on daily basis. It is usually unbreakable, a bit flexible, with low physical deterioration, safe for use of children and next to children and all the time with various colors. Unlike plastic, that you feel the need to throw, we all keep Silicone products and use for a long time.

Think green think Silicone

Silicone is a great material for industrial design and you can find more and more products made out of it. It is considered as a green material since it is made from silica that is found in the sand. It is not toxic, much more durable than plastic and has great characteristics… Flexible, great electricity insulation, high heat resistance and more…

Think about it. Will you use plastic implants in your body? Probably not…

We are proud of our products

Our silicone wine glasses are exactly what we feel Siliclass represents: Stylish, Unique, Fun, Colorful. We would like these values to spread around the world and that you will enjoy our products!

Do you have an idea for the next Silicone product?

Write us about it here and we will get back to you:

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